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Any artificial intelligence that learns from human language is likely to come away biased in the same ways that humans are, according to the scientists.

The researchers experimented with a widely used machine-learning system called the Global Vectors for Word Representation and found that every sort of human bias they tested showed up in the artificial system.

Psychologists have long known that the human brain makes associations between words based on their underlying meanings.

A tool called the Implicit Association Test uses reaction times to demonstrate these associations: People see a word like “Daffodil” alongside pleasant or unpleasant concepts like “Pain” or “Beauty” and have to quickly associate the terms using a key press.

Do people make these associations because they hold personal, deep-seated social biases they aren’t aware of, or do they absorb them from language that is statistically more likely to put negative words in close conjunction with ethnic minorities, the elderly and other marginalized groups?

This test measured the strength of associations between words as represented by GloVe, much as the IAT measures the strength of word associations in the human brain.

For every association and stereotype tested, the WEAT returned the same results as the IAT. The machine-learning tool reproduced human associations between flowers and pleasant words; insects and unpleasant words; musical instruments and pleasant words; and weapons and unpleasant words.

In other words, programs that learn from human language do get “a very accurate representation of the world and culture,” Caliskan said, even if that culture – like stereotypes and prejudice – is problematic.

The AI is also bad at understanding context that humans grasp easily.

An article about Martin Luther King Jr. being jailed for civil rights protests in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 would likely associate a lot of negative words with African-Americans.


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