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For one, why would He create the human body with so many limitations? But what if there is a Creator, what if He designed the human body to be limited for a good reason?

Hedge fund manager Joon Yung is now offering $1 million to any scientist who can “Hack the code of life” and genetically engineer humans who can live beyond 120 years.

Biological human bodies with limited life spans would no longer be necessary, and human beings could finally experience immortality.

Many are concerned that scientists “Playing God” with human genes could inadvertently create new diseases and/or super viruses.

“[I]n a future which our children may live to see, powers will be in the hands of men altogether different from any by which human nature has been molded,” he wrote.

Providing human beings with new tools, new weapons and enhanced bodies does not change how human beings think.

Human beings can send spaceships to Mars, map the human genome, craft synthetic organs, and unlock the secrets of the atom.

Some scientists still hold out hope that human beings will achieve moral perfection on their own, but the grand lesson of human history is that mankind does not know the way to peace, joy and abundant living.

The Creator designed human beings so that if they chose the selfish, competitive, destructive way of life, they would not have to live eternally in a dystopian nightmare.

Human beings simply do not have the capacity to live much beyond 70 or 100 years.


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